Unity Nursing School INC offers in class,
Continue education courses for CNA/HHA renewal

We are an approved California Department of Public Health provider for Continuing Education Courses for Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aide (HHA) looking to maintain active status. It is required of CNAs to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) throughout their certificate term as active CNA. The CNA Certification Renewal California Course at Unity Nursing School meets the California State requirements and is taught by experienced healthcare professionals.

The Continue Education Courses for CNA/HHA renewal are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the CNA/HHA.


  1. Within the two-year certification period, CNAs are required to complete 48 hours of in-service training or continuing education. 
  2. CNAs need to complete a minimum of 12 of the 48 hours in the first year and the remaining 36 can be taken in the second year.
  3. the California board allows CNA to take 24 CEU hours online by an approved online computer training program. The remaining 24 CEU hours must be taken in an approved live classroom setting.
  4. In addition to the CEUs, CNA must work at least 8 hours in the 2-year certification period.
  5. CNAs are required to keep a written, cumulative list of the in-service/continuing education hours they complete for four years.
  6. CNAs are not required to submit those hours at the time of renewal; however, if Unity Nursing School INC asks for this list and a CNA cannot produce it, his or her certificate becomes inactive until he/she can verify the hours certified in his/her application for renewal.


The HHA certificate expires two years after it was approved. To maintain the certificate, the HHA must renew the certificate and you can renew HHA license online and receive a fresh criminal record clearance. You also need to take up Continue Education Courses for HHA renewal.

  1. HHAs should obtain 24 hours of In-Service Training/CEUs within the certification period. 
  2. Twelve of the twenty-four hours are required in each year of the two-year certification period (HHAs cannot take online CEUs to meet the requirement)


Our Continue Education Courses for CNA/HHA costs $100 For 8 Hours (Make payments a day before the first day of class. Bring in your CNA certification, ID card, and Socials/Itin)