CNA And HHA In torrance

Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing field in California offering employment opportunities for individuals at all levels. One entry-level is nurse aide and Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide training in Torrance is an excellent opportunity for people interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

CNAs and HHAs work under the supervision of qualified healthcare workers like the registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). The job role of a CNA and HHA revolves around the day-to-day needs of the patients such as assistance with bathing and dressing, repositioning in bed, transferring them to a wheelchair, taking vital signs and recording health concerns, serving meals, maintaining a safe, clean environment, and administer medication.

CNA and HHA in Torrance course at Unity Nursing School is a great way to gain valuable hands-on clinical experience in the field of nursing. Our CNA classes Torrance, CA prepares nurse assistant training students to take the State of California Certification Exam to become certified and find their job as a CNA. Our course is designed to help students gain the necessary skills to administer care for patients in a hospital, extended healthcare facility, or in-home.


Classroom and Laboratory Training

The first component of the coursework takes place in a classroom and laboratory. Classroom and laboratory learning will provide students with the basic knowledge needed to begin caring for patients. Aspiring students will learn important information about human anatomy and physiology, observing patients, basic patient care principles, patients’ legal rights, effective communication skills, tracking and reporting patient information, and safety protocols. The CNA classes in Torrance CA coursework prepares students for the next phase of their training, that is, clinical practice.

Clinical Setting Training

Once students have completed the classroom training, they are ready to put the principles learned into action by working with patients in a clinical setting. In the clinical setting, students will learn to take vital signs, help patients perform a range of motion exercises, care for patient’s personal hygiene, and engage in patient communication.

Unity Nursing School Inc, CNA classes Torrance, CA are designed to impart students with the knowledge nursing assistants need to provide basic patient care as well as the ability to practice this care under the supervision of qualified healthcare workers. Classes include weekday and weekend sessions.


What Makes Nurse Assistant a Good Career Choice?

  • CNA classes Torrance at Unity Nursing School is a short-term program, only 28 days long. It includes lectures, lab, and clinical practice.
  • The CNA job is expected to grow by 17%, which means there is an increasing need for CNAs to join the healthcare field.
  • Opportunity to work on your schedule. Work full or part-time and engage in volunteer work.
  • Earn an industry-leading salary of $15 per hour.
  • Work in a variety of environments like nursing care facilities, hospitals, care retirement communities, assisted living facilities for the elderly, home healthcare services, and government.
  • Earn employee benefits like group healthcare insurance plans, paid vacation time, and retirement plans such as 401ks when you work full-time.

A CNA with additional education at Unity Nursing School can advance to become a Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse.

What are the Prerequisites for CNA Program?

  • A diploma or GED is preferred but not essential.
  • Live Scan check before registration (Applicants must not have a criminal background).
  • Completion of a physical examination within 90 days before the start of CNA classes In Torrance, CA
  • Ability to read and write English.
  • Attend a mandatory orientation information session before the classes.

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