About Us

Welcome to Unity Nursing School INC We are a unique institution founded on the premise that every person deserves the right to a quality and affordable education. Our mission is to provide excellent educational opportunities for individuals beginning, changing, or restarting their careers. We seek to become the premier educational resource, assisting individuals as they reach their professional career goals in a vocational and higher educational setting.



We uphold, affirm, and support the attainment of the personal and career goals of each individual. Our students are our most important assets and therefore our major objective is to provide an education and environment that produces success. We are committed to providing the support each student requires to reach his or her desired career goals.


We espouse the concept of teamwork. We know that teamwork both in our personal and professional lives will assist us in accomplishing our dreams and goals. We commit to becoming a valued team member in serving our patients, our community, and each other.


We value the goodness, worth, and dignity of each person and foster within our walls a climate of acceptance, trust, support, and collegiality. Our community welcomes all whom we serve and seek to enhance the quality of life for each individual.


We believe that integrity encompasses the attributes of ethical behavior, honesty, trust and open communication. The incorporation of these attributes in the fabric of the institution demonstrates our identity as a value-based institution. At all times the administration, faculty, and staff role model these behaviors for ourselves and others.


We celebrate the diversity and individual differences of those we serve. We welcome the uniqueness that each person brings to our institute, which contributes to, and unites us as, an educational community.


We believe in setting high standards and priorities for administrators, faculty, students and staff through our “journey toward excellence.” Students are encouraged to reach their highest potential through hard work and dedication. The Institute fosters continual improvement through ongoing assessment and evaluation, making continual refinements, changes, and modifications as indicated.